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A Better Tasting Detox

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Welcome and congratulations on wanting to eat better and detox!

Whether you're doing the Wild Rose D-Tox, or just looking to eat better, my cookbooks can help. I've been detoxing for 10 years and started publishing recipes on my blog so others can eat well while they detox too.

I've put the best recipes into two e-cookbooks so I can share them with you. I know that detoxing is hard - it means giving up foods you enjoy and cooking all your meals. But it is so worth it, especially when you can eat well and feel great.

Each Detox Cookbook Includes:

  • More than a dozen recipes with options for every meal!
  • Easy recipes for filling comfort food you'll make again and again.
  • Tips for success including a must-have shopping list in Volume 1.
  • Buy Now A system for staying on track with the 80/20% foods in Volume 2.
  • Purchase both volumes today and save!

Find out how to order these e-books online.

Get your cookbooks today and start planning your next detox!

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I really loved your first ebook so much Corilee (it saved me from cheating more than once!!) but the second one is even better! Love love love the easy 80/20 breakdowns, thanks again!

- Jill

There's nothing worse than standing in your kitchen during a detox thinking, "what can I eat??". Your recipes really help Corilee, thanks.

- Len

I only survived my last detox because of your cookbooks! I didn't realize how hard it would be to cut or minimize so many foods from my diet. I depended on your recipes to keep me on track - and I lost 5 pounds!

- Nikky

Corilee - THANK you for posting this recipe. I am contemplating a fall cleanse and trying to get psyched-up (heavy sigh) This recipe makes a fall cleanse sound exciting!! : )

- Joanne

My picky kids love the Porcupines and the corn chowder - thank you! It's challenging to feed a family when I detox so recipes like this really help!

- Nicole

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